• Our children need

    environmental education

    It’s time to ACT NOW!

    Give the children tools to protect and conserve the environment

  • The Goodness of the Environment

    Environment need to be protected

    for the benefit of all nature kinds.
  • The most common threat of the environment destruction is poor waste disposal

    The solution is simple. We need dustbins in all living places

    Environmental Concern

This is PAE´s mission

Pearl Of Africa Environment takes all possible means for the protection and conservation of the environment through health promotional campaigns, capacity building and development.

Our goal is a healthy and developed society that enjoy the goodness of the environment and initialize its natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Join us in the making of a better tomorrow

We need your help

You can help in so many ways. We are growing and so does our organization. We need more volunteers.. Interested?

PAE Planting hope

Watch us creating hope in the children of Uganda

Volunteerism & Internship

This is a way to develop skill and share experiences aimed at enhancing the social capacity development by both the personal and community. there for it is a social responsibility to very one. PAE has volunteer’s opportunity to those wish to engage into voluntary working or internship
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Fight against hunger

Hunger can be fought by putting in place small scale farming. The world has moved to new technology of green house organic farming, but still there is need to educate and promote these methods to people. PAE has established organic gardens in school to promote small scale farming of v
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Land & Waste Management

Land degradation has contributed to drastic climatic changes in world with emphasis on the countries where laws and policies on environment are not being implemented. This has not only harmed the environment but also led to poverty and caused serious health implications mostly in Afri
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Keep good hygiene

Globally health promotions put sanitation to first agenda. We carryout community and schools awareness campaigns toward personal hygiene and sanitation, this done through: hand washing encouragement, Safe water drinking promotion and rain water harvesting promotion. 56% of Ugandans on
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PAE has adopted environmental club formation model in school. This has enabled pupils to practically participate in echo friendly activities, which enhance development through sustainable use of environment.
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Children and Environment

Acknowledging that children are the future generation in the world, it’s good to start our activities at an infant level and this means targeting the children who are going to be the major actors in the near future during and after their study. PAE has introduced a platform to engage
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Children are the future generation

and 80% pass through school academic learning. That is why PAE started the adoption of the educative environmental protection programmes in primary schools which is a way forward towards saving the current and future environment. Thus pae is currently working within five divisions of kampala district in primary schools and community outreach programs.